Mandatory new phone selfie.
Excuse my horrible facial hair.
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Another photo of my shirt!I think Jaymie took this one.
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So I wore this to Adelaide SW.
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Justin and I with our new tequila shot buddy. Excuse me looking like a fool.
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Just a bunch of crazies and I chillin’ before the fireworks last night.
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I’ve had it up to fucking here with all the posts that are like “Boys dont understand the pressure of having to be skinny” or “Boys will never understand what its like to look in the mirror and hate what you see”.

Wake the fuck up. 

Who are you to dictate what I can or can’t feel? What makes you think I cant empathise?

Because guess what, I hate what I am. And I know there is a lot of other guys out there who have self-image issues too.
The pressures of society are hardly focused on only one sex.

I go to gym 6 (and often 7) days a week to try and make myself a better person.
I diet. I run. I ride. I workout.
I’ve only had one fucking meal today and it’s nearly 7pm.

You know why? Because girls tend to only focus on the guys that are totally fucking shredded.
The guys who take pictures of their abs and you all reblog it nineteen thousand times with comments like “oh hello there”, “Yes please”, “unf”, and so on.

I have been fat and I have been skinny.
But I have never been accepted.

So don’t you dare tell me that I don’t understand. 

My sick new @WeAreTheInCrowd shirt from the fucking awesome show last night in Brisbane.
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The #bfffl and I prior to clubbing. #saturday #druuunk #me
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Em and I before at pre’s yesterday. Rockin’ da bow tie.
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Alright, alright. Stop spamming me now, Anon. >.>.
Ugh, time for a haircut.
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Just chillin’, listening to Paramore. :).
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Im so. Fucking. Tired. Someone pleaaaase help me.
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Mirror selfies; tonights gettup, brought to you by Mitchell.
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Siiiiiingin’ in the rain. #me #rain #theresanumbrella #youjustcantseeit (Taken with Instagram)
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Final photo for tonight. :). Ciao, y’all!
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